Planes, Trains and Automobiles

As we plan the remainder of our summer, it dawned on me that August is just around the corner. And that I might want to get started planning Colin’s birthday party. Last year, I think I started planning in early May, which means I am already behind. 😉

Last year, we packed a whole lot into one day. That was a rookie mistake. I seemed to forget that my sweet one year old would need a nap at one point. But with family in from out of town, I tried to make the day as seamless and convenient as possible. Which is how this happened:

Woopsie daisy. You live. You learn.

So this year’s birthday will be all about the despot. After his nap, that is. Colin’s a sweet kid. He loves lots of stuff. Elmo, Cookie Monster, baths, singing, trucks, cars, construction sites. He’s a well rounded young man with various interests, let’s say. But nothing, oh nothing, can beat out cars, trains and planes. If my little dude is having a “moment” all we have to do is drive by the nearest construction site or pull out his matchbox cars for him to quickly move on. As I write this, he is playing with his new ride on buggy, and squealing with glee. Bottom line: if it’s got wheels, it’s got his attention. So while I scoured Pinterest for months and was inspired by Sesame Street and dinosaur parties, I knew they weren’t quite right.

So I decided to work backwards. I decided to start with the invitation first. What I really wanted was something like this, which didn’t have to tie in a theme anyway.


Isn’t that great? So I got on Etsy, and clicked and clicked and clicked. And then I remembered from looking for personalized Christmas Cards. Which we never ordered. Or sent out. Whoops.

But here was a perfect opportunity. As I perused for some invitation ideas, I spotted this:

Yup, it’s a save the date card. But the beauty of Minted is everything is customizable. And the best part is it’s two sided, so the front has all the party information, while the back has a sweet picture of Colin and a list of his likes, favorite words, and dis-likes. Just to keep all those non-blog stalkers up to date. Seriously. My own family doesn’t read my blog all the time. Some at all. Rude. Anyway, you’re welcome, family.

But the real reason I chose this card? Uh duh. Planes, Trains and Automobiles? Not to mention, the color scheme is pretty awesome. And thus, a birthday party was born.

The moral of the story? Pinterest and Etsy are great. But sometimes you gotta think outside the box to really get just what you want. It’s easy to get caught up in theme parties, but remember, there is always a good chance your kid won’t even make it to the cake cutting.

This is the first pass, and of course, I am open to any and all ideas you’ve got. Like, any locals know of a great cake shop? Or where I can rent a navy bounce house? 😉 Let the recommendations fly! Pun totally intended.

(PS! did not pay me at all. Quite the opposite in fact. Sadsies.)

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