There once was a girl who went to Nantucket.

Dudes. It’s happening. My lifelong dream of renting a house on Nantucket Island is happening!  My son and husband will wear Nantucket Reds and I will wear white jeans and a shirt with the collar popped. And insist on people calling me Bunny. Don’t tell me not to. It’s happening.

We decided kind of last minute to rent a house on Nantucket for the end of June. That’s the house above. Please don’t stalk me on vacation. Or do. But at least buy me dinner.

Oh man. I’m stoked. My favorite kind of vacation is one where there is not a ton to do, a lot of awesome places to eat, a town to walk around and a deck to relax on.

So here’s where you come in. Where do we go? What do we see? What to do? Most importantly, where should we eat and what do I shove down my gullet morning noon and night?

We’re renting some bikes. I assume we don’t need to rent a car, but would you suggest one? Also, for those of you with toddlers, do you recommend a bike seat or one of those bike wagon things where they lounge in a tent? And what is the weight requirement? Could we rent one for me?

Now, I must go and unearth my preppiest clothes. And find some adult male Nantucket Reds. Vineyard Vines, here I come!


3 thoughts on “There once was a girl who went to Nantucket.

  1. Ohhhh! I love the Nantucket. We did that same thing a few years ago, you know, pre-kid. It was super. We flew in, had some friends pick us up at the airport, and managed the whole week without a car. As long as you’re staying in-town or close to town, you’ll be fine. Everywhere is good to eat, there’s lots of fried deliciousness (read, every type of fried seafood) near the ferry dock. Beaches might be chilly, but tons of other stuff to do…go out fishing on a boat, the whaling museum (which my nerdy self enjoyed, but I don’t know if it’s kid friendly, but I think it might be), GO TO THE LIGHTHOUSES. Incredible photo ops. Oh, and there is a church in town that is awesome and if you go up to the steeple (don’t know how to spell that word), you can see the whole harbor, and it’s adorable. You’ll have a blast. Take lots of pictures so i can be envious.

  2. Ah! I love love love Nantucket! I went last year for my graduation. I’d recommend renting a car if you’re going to hit up the further light houses if you aren’t already an avid biker. We rented some mopeds to go to all of the lighthouses in one day and it was wonderful, but probably something we couldn’t have accomplished without a motor (or with a small child!).
    Anything in town is wonderful to eat. We went right before tourist season started (left Memorial Day Weekend) so I can’t tell you what wouldn’t be crowded that time of summer. I agree with KP above that the Whaling Museum was awesome, but I’m a total nerd about those things.

    Have so so much fun & take lots of pictures. I lovee Nantucket and am slightly jealous of your excursion! 🙂

  3. I used to work on Martha’s Vineyard during the summer when I was in college but I have never been to Nantucket. Your rental house looks exactly how I would envision it to be. I probably will need to keep dreaming of going there b/c my husband works with a really annoying person that has house on Nantucket (well it is a family house but he always calls it “my house on Nantucket”) and he would never want to have something in common with this guy that may trigger listening to him for any length of time. I hope you have fun though it looks beautiful!

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