Scenes from our [Holy Christmas] weekend.

The weekend was a complete blast. I had such a great time hanging out with my friends and despite the fact that the weather didn’t cooperate for us to take full advantage of the grounds (600 acres!!), we were still able to drink enough to last most groups a week or two. And isn’t that what getting together with friends is all about?

The Castle, or “Mystery Manor”

The Castle was insane. There were 14 of us altogether and we all had comfortable accommodations. I especially loved the suits of armor placed here and there, it leant the castle much needed authenticity. If there are no suits of armor, you can’t call yourself a castle. In my opinion.

The first night, Kase and I were in charge of dinner and served up a taco bar. I got these handy burger baskets, similar to these, at Target. I lined them each with some parchment paper and they were perfect for holding tacos. Easy clean up, too, so if you are ever hosting a large group, it’s a solution that’s a bit cuter than your standard paper plate.  I’ve never cooked for 14 people without it involving a crock pot, but luckily my friends all helped to chip in. We ate together in the dining room and then headed outside to enjoy the evening. And some alcohol.

The next morning, we ate a delicious breakfast together and then got our craft on. The First Annual Crusader Games required team attire, after all. Then it was time for the games: Balloon Toss, Marshmallow Hat Catch, Beer Can Relay, and Barrel Roll. Unfortunately, I don’t have pics of the barrel roll, but just imagine a bunch of  competitive and drunk people barrel rolling down a huge hill in the pouring rain, chugging a beer and then running back up the hill and tagging their partner to complete the relay. There’s video, but it may be blackmail material if any of us decides to run for president one day.

First Annual Crusader Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. (My team lost)

We relaxed before getting ready for Murder Mystery. Let me tell you something about my friends. They’re mine, and you can’t have them. For reals, I didn’t even need to bring props, because they all brought it. BROUGHT IT. Over the top. I loved it.

Welcome to Mystery Manor!

Not to ruin the surprise or anything, but the chauffeur did it. With a gun. In the parlor.

There was a moment where I was shoved and called a whore by my “sister” because my character was apparently impregnated by the chauffeur (who at that point, was not fingered as the murderer). This came as a surprise to me, because my character description told me nothing of the sort. But I played along since maybe I didn’t have the same information someone else did. Then we found out that Kase just thought he heard me say to someone else that I was pregnant and started telling people, all willy nilly like. And that started off a whole series of events that weren’t actually part of the script. Nor were they relevant to the murder. It may have thrown some people off the trail. Four people still solved the murder though. I think the alcohol made us smarter. It definitely made us bad actors.

It was really such a great weekend, and I’m reminded of the wonderful friends I am lucky to have. Can’t wait for next year.


4 thoughts on “Scenes from our [Holy Christmas] weekend.

  1. If I can’t have your friends, can you at least promise that my friends and I will still be this awesome once we all have kids and lives outside of college?

    • Lauren, there are no guarantees in life. However, I do believe that if you put your mind to it (it, being of course, believing you are still 19 years old, childless, and still have the tolerance of a alcoholic man three times your size), then anything is possible. But good friends don’t hurt. 😉 In the meantime, enjoy college life. It all goes downhill from there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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