Elementary, my dear Watson.

Tomorrow, Kase and I are headed up to New Hampshire to enjoy a weekend away with my college girlfriends and their significant others/ husbands. As a group, we have decided to call it Holy Christmas. I don’t remember why. Maybe because we went to Holy Cross, and we’re halfway to Christmas. Who knows. We’re wacky.

But this is the kind of thing you need to plan a year ahead of time. With no weddings on the horizon and *some* people just going ahead and having kids (alright, just me), we had to make an effort and a monetary commitment to get together this year. So my friend rented a castle.

I told you. We’re weird.

And when she told us she rented a castle, my friend’s husband demanded we do a murder mystery game one night.

I know. We’re AWESOME.

Well, you know how much I love a theme. And since I am the only one who is currently unemployed in the business and traditional sense, I took it upon myself to organize the murder mystery. And surprisingly enough, there are a lot of options out there. And very much to my surprise and chagrin, they take a lot of prep work.

And an accurate headcount.

And name tags.

And a whole lot of play money. For real.  I just ran out of play money. So I need to go back out this afternoon to the party store and buy some more. And maybe I’ll pick up a cane while I’m there. And maybe a wig.

Costumes are mandatory, you see. For instance, here are some of the email exchanges this week alone:

“The best I can do is a Larry Bird [mustache] by then.”

“I’m thinking of taking her in a Goth direction.”

“Does anyone own a black veil?”

I may or may not have purchased a slew of fake pearls. And some props to help my friends take their character to the next level.

Has to be done.

Naturally, I’ve been watching re-runs of CSI to hone my detectivery skills.

I hope I don’t get murdered. That would put a real damper on the evening. My outfit is pretty amazing.


One thought on “Elementary, my dear Watson.

  1. I can’t wait to read about your murder mystery party. I don’t think it is weird but then again maybe I am weird. I wanted to throw one of these a while back but the husband wasn’t too keen on the idea. I don’t know why the one I picked had something to do with grilling. I am not one to like acting or dressing in costumes but I thought it would be fun and something different. if you are successful I may have to bring this idea up again for an end of summer bash.

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