Scenes from our [Memorial Day] Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Maine. I’ve got my first sunburn of the season, so summer is officially here.  😉  The weather forecast called for some rain, but we always seem to forget that a weather forecast in Maine is completely useless most of the time. It was bright and sunny and warm the whole weekend. Perfect.

Of course, Colin discovered (or re-discovered) the beach. And this year? He discovered the joys of running into the ocean and racing waves with his big cousin, Elena. He took a few spills, but he enjoyed himself and loves the water. And he really loves Elena, or more accurately, bothering Elena, so that may be a one way street at this point in their lives.

I discovered that Wal Mart opens promptly at 6am when there were 5:30am wake ups. And that it has a Dunkin Donuts. I like to make the best of a bad situation.

We learned to take a pass next time on the Crayola colored bubble machines. Bubbles should not stain.

We also discovered going to a Portland Sea Dogs game is a must for any of you with kids out there. Especially with tickets costing $8. When you arrive in the 2nd inning, and leave in the 5th, the price of the ticket helps to take the sting away.

We learned the hard way that swim diapers and tummy bugs do not mix. And that Colin can in fact, take showers.

Despite all of that, we had a really great weekend enjoying each other’s company,  a fair amount of  sun, sand, and lobster. Lots of lobster.


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