One of my least favorite memories while pregnant was walking past our go-to mexican restaurant and longingly looking at all. those. frozen. drinks. Life can be so unfair sometimes. So filled with trials and tribulations. Know what I mean?

Nothing screams summer like a nice mixed drink, a margarita or even some sangria sipped under a hot summer sun.  I mean, that is what I like to think heaven is like.  I’m all about the Mexican food come summertime. But I learned something while pregnant. I might like Mexican food, but I really love it when paired with a frosty drink enjoyed on a patio. I love me a patio drink.

So for those of us who plan to hit up our favorite patios, backyards or tailgating spots and indulge in a little lime flavored goodness, here’s a little outfit to get you started. It’s important to dress properly for the occasion. The occasion being stuffing your gullet and getting a little buzz on.  Hence, no heels and a flattering blousy top to hide the beer belly and maybe a floppy hat to shield your face when you stumble home. I don’t know about you, but my tolerance is shot since having Colin. 😉


Ahora, bebimos!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


One thought on “Fiesta!

  1. Not having a margarita with my Mexican was one of the things I hated most about being pregnant too! And patio drinks are da bomb! That is one of the best things about being an adult and having your own house. Having happy hour whenever you want with a nice patio drink! My new favorite is a mangorita. Care to join me on our patio?

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