I changed my mind.

So I changed my mind. That’s my prerogative, and I’m allowed. Also, I blame the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

My first mistake was not throwing it out immediately, which is usually what I do, but now that most of my shows have finished for the season, I’m a little light in the DVR. So I saved the Pottery Barn catalog and took a little look see the other day. And Colin decided to join me. And then he picked out his big boy room.

I swear that is exactly how it happened.

Given that we will most likely be moving Colin to a “big boy bed” within the next 6 months, it didn’t make sense for me to plan a room  scheme around the color of his crib. He gets to be a little boy once. A little boy who happens to be obsessed with cars.  So I took that and ran with it.



rug/daybed/shelf/car/airplane kazoo/vw bus poster/ parking sign/ monaco poster/ quilt

I really love the Pottery Barn Madras quilt and have loved it for a while. And while I am usually not a huge fan of using primary bold colors, it is fitting for a little boy’s room. Colin is already the proud owner of that sweet red speedster. He rides it all around the house, both backwards and forwards, so I thought it would be fun to tie that into the design, and I was very happy to find that Monaco poster above. I love vintage inspired posters, and Kase and I have a soft spot for VW busses – one day we want to own one.   And I got the idea of the parking sign from the inspiration picture above. Did you know you can order custom parking signs? And not pay a million dollars from Pottery Barn kids? I love the internet.

This is a longer term plan.  I will slowly begin to source and accumulate things, since we’re not made of money. And I just want to reiterate, it wasn’t my fault. If you had seen Colin tear through that catalog (literally) yelling “Car! Truck!” you would have signed right up too.

So what do you think? Perfect for a little despot? Also, I’m always drawn to white, but also considering the high gloss red for the bookcase. Thoughts? The new high gloss options from Ikea are really quite nice. And did you know you can now pay a fee ($99) for them to pick out and deliver your order?  We’re in trouble now.


6 thoughts on “I changed my mind.

  1. i think your kid room is even better than the pb version. i will have to steal you design, i’m very sorry to say.

  2. We have two madras quilts from PBK for my boys’ bunk beds. I love the look of the madras quilt and I think it’s a smart choice that will grow with the boys well into their teen years. I wouldn’t worry about the “primary” color thing because the quilt has a great mix of colors including a light blue, spring green, and the perfect shade of orange. Honestly, it goes well with all the primary colored toys, but can be just as sophisticated as a pair of men’s madras shorts/pants worn for a summer soiree. One tip: since it’s just a quilt and not very thick, you’ll probably need to get a comforter to go underneath. It looks great layered with the PBK navy gingham duvet cover (a pricey option), but a solid color on the cheap from target or with a 20% BB&B coup would look just a good. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. And what’s the deal with the bed. First of all, I LOVE it. And then I realize that it’s basically a deep couch? Very expensive. Good buy though as it can easily be put anywhere for any purpose (assuming it’s not stained with urine or whatnot)

    • It’s a daybed! Three sides to hold little monkeys in. And a removable white slipcover. You know how much I love a white slipcover! 🙂 We spent a good penny on the crib back in the day and still consider it one of our best purchases. I do wonder though if I will be able to get Kase to put together the Ikea daybed you and Tim own. He might prefer to pay for the privilege of *not* building any more furniture. 😉

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