Scenes from our weekend.

Do you ever have one of those weekends that is both simultaneously relaxing and extremely productive all at once? The weather here was beautiful and we took full advantage. We headed up to Maine on Saturday to get the cottage ready for next weekend, when we will meet up with my sister and niece for the holiday weekend.

On Saturday, Kase and I were getting ready to take Cols down to the beach and apparently we were taking too long. Clearly since Colin already had been slathered with sunscreen, he was good to go so he kept trying to head out without us. We kept telling him, “Not yet, buddy!” to which he responded very clearly and with the kind of exasperation only a toddler can convey, “Going to the beach!”  I feel ya, Cols. It’s pretty awesome. There’s really nothing like seeing your kid experience the beach for the first time that he can really enjoy it. We went at low tide and it was perfect- we were able to walk the beach with Colin running circles around us. Literally. Loved it.

Sunday we were back home, tackling the yard, enjoying the sunshine and just making good memories. Sometimes in the middle of weeding, it’s important to take a sprinkler break. So I did. Gotta show the kid how it’s done. I think he got it. He’s a natural.

I really love this time of year. Don’t you?

Hope your weekend was fabulous!


2 thoughts on “Scenes from our weekend.

  1. So um, I don’t want to wait til September, I’m coming to see you this weekend. Because AS USUAL, I have no friends, I mean plans. And Maine just looks too picturesque for words. And your baby is also too cute for words. Baby running around in a dipe, polo and baseball hat. Kills me.So that’s that.

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