Colin’s verbal ability has really taken off lately. And while we still can’t understand about 60% of what leaves his sweet little mouth, there has been one phrase on repeat lately: Wussdis?

Colin points. “Wussdis?”

“That’s a truck.”


“That’s a flower.”


And repeat.

I especially love it when he asks me what something is, and after I (correctly!) identify it, he laughs and says, “noooooo!”

You’re right, Colin. I must be wrong. I don’t know what a bunny rabbit is. Mommy’s so dumb.

Is it normal to challenge a 21 month with the official Scrabble dictionary and Wikipedia references? Is that taking it too far? I want him to respect my authority.

In other news, Houston, we have a new favorite book. Kase picked this up one day while at work. Always thinking of Colin. I get presents on my birthday. Colin gets presents just because he’s cute and blonde and has a perfectly round face. I’ve got a double chin, but what does that get me? Fine. I’ll deal.

The book is called, “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” and is pretty much the perfect book for any kids who love trucks. It enthralls to no end and requires at least 112 “Wussdis’s” We learned the word crane yesterday after approximately 43 “Wussdis’s”. We’re still working on “Excavator.” Also? Colin had the book for no more than 12 hours before he ripped a page out. He loves it that much.



2 thoughts on “Wussdis?

  1. Oh that book is on our list of ones to get to. I did read it at the library and thought it was great but yes my little one is into ripping paper pages now so we try to keep to the board books. I may have to cave though since the car obsession is picking up every day. Another great car book is Little Blue Truck. I have read it 600+ times and I actually still like it. I knew Colin was close to my sons age but I think they are even closer than I thought. When is his b-day?

  2. Well since Gabe gets nothing before it’s been pre-screened by his buddy Colin, I’ll put that book on my to – buy list. Do they sell it at Target? Because I don’t shop anywhere else. Although to tell you the truth, Gabe is catching on to this whole books before bed thing and in order to avoid bed, he says no to stories. You know what I say to that? Beep mothereffing beep, kid.

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