The Shops at Target

We all know my love of Target. And let me just say, they still haven’t contacted me to get a little spokes deal going on, but it’s okay.  I’ll throw them a bone anyway. I like to support the old mom and pop shops, and let’s face it, they could use the press.

But guys, seriously. Have you been to the Shops at Target???  I’ve seen the commercials, but didn’t think the merchandise was already in the stores. And then I stumbled upon The Webster shop.

I die.

Naturally, I had to pick up a few things. They were calling my name. It would have been rude to ignore them.

To use a phrase that makes me want to hurl, I’m loving this color story:

Now just to be clear, I didn’t purchase all of these. I maybe just purchased a couple of these things and then maybe just maybe one other thing that’s not in the above board. Above is a mix of items from The Webster collection and the Privet collection. I just love how it all coordinates. And I’m a sucker for coral, green and navy.

Have you been? What’d you get? You can shop online too. Check it out here.


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