On My Case [A Giveaway!]

When you have a little kid, you often find yourself handing over your $300 smart phone which now has such apps on it as “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Peekaboo Barn” in order to restore a modicum of silence while dining in a public establishment.

When you have a foot injury and are confined to the couch, you find yourself cruising Etsy non stop because your sweet toddler broke your $60 monogrammed iPhone case when he hurled it down the staircase because look at it go bounce crash smash all the way down, mom!

And then you find it. The mother lode. Is that a monogrammed iPhone case? Is it nautical and stripey? Is it really $16.99???? Is it in my shopping bag immediately?Why yes. Yes it is.

I got it already and I LOVE it. It’s cute and not as bulky as my last case. And you know how much I love a monogram. I think it comes from being the youngest child of seven. I like to stamp my name or initials on everything. It’s a pretty way of saying “That’s mine. Hands off, jerk.” Or whatever.

But here’s the best part. I got in touch with Jenn, the owner of On Your Case, and she wants to give one of you a FREE iPhone CASE of your choice from her shop.ย Say it with me. Awwww YEAH! No? Okay, well you can imagine me saying it then. And I’m not even jealous you get it for free, because these cases are completely cute and affordable. Did I mention I spent $60 on my last case? What is that about?

Take a look at some of the cute cases:

I also love these:

Yeah, exactly. And YOU’RE WELCOME.

So here’s the deal. Go to Jenn’s Etsy store and hit the “Like” Facebook button. ย Then, subscribe to my blog if you don’t do so already by clicking on the “Follow” button to the right over there, and then leave a comment letting me know which case in Jenn’s store is your favorite.

My favorite is all of them. I made need to get another one….

RULES: Entries will be taken until Sunday April 29th at 9pm EDT. Winner will be announced in Monday’s post. ย I was not compensated for featuring On Your Case in this post. GOOD LUCK!

14 thoughts on “On My Case [A Giveaway!]

  1. AmazingBalls! These are exactly what I’m looking for! I don’t have a Facebook but I would be liking the page like crazy if I did!! I also love anything with my initials – comes from being one of five! If I don’t win, I’ll be buying one for sure!! Also, I just do anything you do so of course I will buy the exact one you purchased….I’m a follower like that!

  2. oh I wish I had an iphone these are so cute. i guess if I won this would be a present to my sister who always has the latest gadgets. I LOVE the train map of DC but wish it was for Boston. If she had Boston I think I would actually go out an get the iphone. I also really like the retro camera.

    In other news…are you right in Boston? I am possibly going to be up there beginning to mid May and even though you can’t walk I could maybe bring you a cupcake.

  3. What awesome iPhone cases!!! I love your new one – so so cute! I found you via the lovely Bethany on Twitter, but I’m now following your blog too because it’s SO DARN NICE!!! I feel like I’m winning already ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. i love the vintage ones- i think the vintage boston map is my favorite. i like all of the happy colored ones too- so cute for spring!

  5. Obviously I love them all, but since I won your last giveaway, I know I shouldn’t enter. But I’m still drooling, and might have to order the “hello” case…cause my iPhone keeps asking for new outfits. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. All of the patterns are my favorite. I don’t know how I could ever choose just one! I’m really into nautical stuff right now for summer, so I think I’d have to go with the navy and coral nautical stripes :]

  7. OMG!!! This has got to be the cutest etsy shop ever!! I am in case heaven! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want all of them!! If I won, it would be between the “iphone 4 Case Retro Game Controller – Black” or the “iPhone 4 Case Mustache Rainbow”
    Eeekkk!! I hope I win!

    Thank you both for this awesome giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. total love!!!! got my eye on the write home vantage case with the gorgeous blue butterfly!
    thank you for a wonderful giveaway! keeping my fingers crossed!
    myeatsandtreats at gmail dot com

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