Pinterest vs. the real world [Sail Away]

I think we have discussed that I am crap at dressing myself. Unless it involves yoga pants and a t shirt. Preferably one that doesn’t fit and is three years or older. Oh wait. That still means I am crap at dressing myself. But I look awful to boot.

Enter Pinterest. Now, I have a virtual moodboard of outfits I like, which has made shopping a bit easier, and not so horrible. For instance, back in the fall, I pinned this look:

I know. More stripes. What can I say? I love a stripe. Regardless of if it makes me look like a linebacker. I won’t be stripped of my stripes.

But it’s the pants that have been the hardest to find. I love their length, their casual rolled up vibe. I want this faceless chick’s life. You just know she doesn’t have a Backyardigans sippy cup leaking in that bag. You just know it.

With my eye now attuned to the pieces of clothing I like on Pinterest, I spotted a striped top at LL Bean last weekend up in Freeport. About the right price, and definitely the right look. I completed the look that same weekend with some pleated(!) blue khakis from the Gap Outlet. I know, I said pleated. But trust you me, they are cute. And oh so comfortable. And I don’t have to suck in my gut. So I consider this Pinterest outfit complete and a roaring success!

For the rest of us, I scrounged up a similar look online:


How do people learn to dress properly and with style? Is this why girls used to read Seventeen and Glamour? I never really got that. How do you shop for clothes? Or do you just have innate style? If so, can I borrow some?


One thought on “Pinterest vs. the real world [Sail Away]

  1. I love that look on the faceless woman, and it’s basically my go-to outfit for all occasions. I also just got a pair of navy pleated pants, from Forever21, and ohmygod, they are amazing. I used to make fun of my mother and her 80’s pleated pants, but I get it now. So comfortable! I was not born with innate style, unfortch, so i just copy and steal from people cooler than me.

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