The only picture from Easter

This is the only picture I got from Easter:

Matching pants. Crocs intact.

And as we enter my son’s 19 month of life, I do believe the tally stands at a big fat zero when it comes to a family picture that includes me, Kase and Colin. Posing. All together. In the same photo. Is that even possible? Yes. It is.  For this holiday, here are some reasons why:

1. Naked pictures are not appropriate for the inter webs. And Colin was naked as a jay bird when he found his Easter basket. Which has been in the same spot all week, ready for the taking. But he decided to wait until he was fresh out of the tub to streak around the upstairs and go a huntin’ for his basket. Then?  He was so excited upon tearing into it he Pooped. On. The. Floor. Of course, we thought it was the dog, so we yelled at Fenway, who looked quite affronted. And then, well, we figured it out.  So we apologized to the dog and wished him a Happy Easter (by abandoning him all day long)

2. We discovered upon arriving at Grammie’s house that though I picked up his adorable bright blue crocs (that perfectly matched his bright blue pants, natch) intending to pack them up with the plastic eggs for the egg hunt we never got to do (see below), I must have put them immediately back down because Colin was barefoot and had no shoes to wear. And then, my child had to wear Shoes. From. WAL. MART. (shudder)*

3. No matter, because five minutes later, Colin took a headfirst dive into the corner of Grammie’s brick fireplace mantel, scraping up his cheek pretty bad. For the remainder of the day, he looked like a cast off extra from “Fight Club.” You all know the 20th rule of Fight Club, right? No Easter pictures.

4. Colin was cutting not one, not two, not three, but four new teeth. Crying, whining and drool were key components of the day. And though the thought of wrangling a teething, bruised up toddler into some semblance of a portrait screams “Good Time!” I just wasn’t up for it this time.

5. Colin capped off the afternoon by spilling his milk onto his seat and then looked as though he had wet himself. Pants off. Sadly, no dance off.  No egg hunt either. With the Easter outfit officially deserted, we decided to just give up altogether and head back home.

The careful thought and planning I put into his outfit, not to mention the money spent and shipping fees paid was totally worth it, for the ten minutes at 9:20am when my son was fully dressed complete with shoes, not crying in pain from his four new teeth cutting in, not banged up and hadn’t yet sit in a puddle of whole milk.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

*I have no issue with shoes from Wal Mart. For days other than Easter. And Christmas. And really any event for which I have purchased more expensive shoes. Which, let’s face it. Is always.


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