The Maine Attraction

In our house, we know it’s spring when we start taking day trips. There’s nothing like hopping in the car right before nap time and taking a two hour trip up the coast to Maine, so that’s what we did. We originally just planned to head to Portland to grab something to eat and walk around, but then we remembered the Children’s Museum, and decided to grab a bite on the way and make the museum our ultimate destination.

But first, we ate.

We headed to one of our favorite restaurants near the cottage- The Good Table. It’s a family run restaurant and very kid friendly, plus the food is really very good. Unless you mistakenly eat a crayon when you mean to eat a sweet potato fry. That’s on you.

After lunch we hopped back in the car for another 10 minutes to Portland. Found the museum right away. And the despot was off. Right off the lobby there is a room called “Having a ball” We were there for approximately 30 minutes. Which is the equivalent of 7 days in toddler years.

And even though Colin was enjoying himself, mom and dad paid $27 to enjoy the entire museum. So naturally we grabbed him and forced him upstairs. All he had to do was spot the fire engine and he was off again. Tractors, space engines, groceries, water play streams, Colin was all over it.

The cool thing about this museum (and to be fair, I haven’t been to any others since I was a child myself) is that most “stations” are sponsored by a local company or national company based in Maine. So there was the Oakhurst Farm, where you could milk a cow or play on a tractor, and a stream and climbing mountain sponsored by LL Bean, complete with LL Bean rain coats to protect the kids from getting too wet. Oh, those advertising wizards. They get me every time. I immediately turned to Kase and asked if he wanted to drive to Freeport to go to LL Bean and drink a delicious milk-based beverage. Which he did. Minus the milk-based beverage.

So we did. Walking around LL Bean is still fun for the kiddos because they have all these fish tanks and ponds and taxidermied wildlife scattered about. Oh and shotguns and crossbows right near the family bathroom. Good times. I think it was the first store we have gone into recently where Colin didn’t immediately start yelling “BYE! BYE!” as a subtly request to leave. Mostly because he was lunging for the crossbows.

After we picked out an adorable jacket for Colin, I tried my hardest to continue to shop around Freeport with the two Jubboori men. We even hit up CrewCuts by J. Crew, but all I got was a stupid dinosaur. I agree, it’s a crime.

I still say any day in Maine is a good day. But then Colin gave me the greatest gift of all and passed out upon getting back into the car. Two naps in one day! I am tempted to pay $27 every weekend in order to make that happen again.


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