One Shirt. Five Ways.

A nice striped shirt is so easy to style in so many ways.  You can go from the playground to dinner out and still use the same pieces, just mixed up a bit. So for blog purposes and my own edification, and because I can’t get enough Olioboard goodness, I decided to style one shirt, five ways.

Last weekend for Always Crafty, I scrounged up a $9 clearance section striped tee from Loft, paired it with some skinny jeans and threw on some accessories. Gotta look cute for my fellow bloggers. And since you can’t get enough wear from a $9 shirt, I’m thinking of taking another crack at this outfit and changing it up a bit for Easter.

Unfortunately, the $9 clearance tee doesn’t appear to be available online anymore, but there are plenty of places to find a bright striped shirt. None of the items I chose is over the top, budget-wise and you can definitely find similar items at TJ Maxx or The Rack for less. More importantly, you can find every item online. Which I know is important for those of us with children who have been diagnosed with shopping cart aversion syndrome.

Here’s a similar look to what I wore last weekend:

tee shirtjeansbanglebelt/ flats

For Easter, I am thinking of switching out the dark skinny jeans for some white ones, and adding a few accessories for church (we’re a pretty casual church):

tee shirt/ jeansearrings/ bangle/ belt/ flats

If you want to dress it up a bit, you can sport some linen pants instead, and switch up the accessories:

tee shirt/ linen pantsbangle/ earringswatch/ clutchsandals

I can combine some elements of each, and I’ve got a perfect go-to outfit for this spring, whether we’re heading to dinner or I’m running errands:

tee shirtjeans/ earrings/ clutchflats

And for the playground, these Bensimon sneakers are definitely on my wish list:

tee shirtjeans/ earrings/ watch/ sneakers

I know what you are thinking: White jeans. Stupid idiot. But let me tell you: the great thing about white jeans and white slipcovers and white anything really is that you can just bleach it to death (or monogram them with fabric paint). And trust me, I’ve always got my OxyClean at the ready. Sometimes I prefer white to anything else precisely for that reason. It always feels bright and crisp and put together. Even if I don’t.


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