You can call me the Craft Ninja

As you may know, this past weekend, I hopped on a plane and headed to Pennsylvania to meet up with my (blog slash now real life) buddies for a crazy craftin’ bonanza, Always Crafty. My pals Shannon and Bethany are the friends you want to have throw you a “casual 31st birthday party” because they will go overboard and make it look like something you would see in Martha Stewart Weddings. And who doesn’t want a party that looks like it could be a wedding? They are insanely crafty with a fabulous eye and have an amazing way of styling simple items so that you think you walked into a magazine shoot. Two words: Lemon Swag. Huh?

Can you believe that? Shannon completely transformed her house into a photo shoot. With stripey straws! And swag bags! And BioDomes cloches!

I was surrounded by craft ninjas wielding chicken wire and hot glue guns and  pneumatic staplers. What else could I possibly do?  I crafted. It was all, “Craft hard or go home” so I rose to the challenge and became a craft fiend.  Which is not to be confused with crack fiend. Totally different. To my surprise, most of my crafts didn’t turn out at all janky.  If I was a person who knew how to sew, I am sure I would use my little sewing kit I made. Instead, I’ll probably just display it in the laundry room to give the illusion of domestic superiority. I’ll definitely be using my new monogrammed napkins. I may or may not already have a trip planned to the craft store to buy another J stamp and some fabric paint so I can monogram anything cotton or linen in my house. I’ll just be walking around stamping slipcovers and the like. Don’t mind me. There’s no controlling the craft ninja. Especially when it comes to monograms.

If you like what you see here, you can head over to Shannon’s blog where she is sharing tutorials this week of all the crafty goodness, not just the stuff I remembered to photograph. I can’t be blamed. I was busy craftin’.  And drinking Arnold Palmers. The adult kind. Out of stripey straws. And it was amazing.


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