It’s Friday and I’m Craftin’ (?????)

Happy Friday!  Tomorrow, I’m off to Pennsylvania to meet up with my blogger buddies- Shannon, Bethany, Karen and Lauren. And I’ll be meeting some new peeps too while we craft. That was not a typo. I will be partaking in crafting. Quite obviously, I will also be partaking in making a fool of myself. If you’ve seen these ladies’ blogs, then you know they got the craft gene. I got the “can’t even scrunch up tissue paper right” gene and I tend to break out in hives when stepping into a Michael’s. This should be interesting….


One thought on “It’s Friday and I’m Craftin’ (?????)

  1. Hey sister, you and me both. I propose a bottle of wine and we leave the crafting to the experts? Or maybe an award for most hideous craft, so at least one of us will have something to be proud of? 🙂

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