Fat Tuesday [The Best Salad. Ever]

Yesterday it hit 70 degrees here in Massachusetts. And it was amazing. I felt like I got a new lease on life, between extra daylight and warm temperatures. And to me, warm temperatures signal Salad weather. Generally the weather needs to be 70 or above for me to indulge in a salad. Not mostly because if I have a choice between pasta and salad, I choose pasta. Pasta is good. But so is this salad. Because it really isn’t all that healthy, when it comes down to it. But sometimes 70 degree weather comes your way, and you can only think, “I could eat a salad.”

I found a distant relative of this salad on Pinterest. Obviously.  But being that it involved apples, I had to take a pass. I don’t like no fruit in my salad. Unless it’s craisins. So I created my own. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what you use to junk it up, the important part is the creamy dressing. This salad introduced to me to the novel concept of using two delicious dressings to make one ultra delicious dressing. Colin really loves the dressing, too. I know this because he insisted on “eating” salad, by which I mean he sucked the dressing off the cucumbers and loudly proclaimed “Yum!” Kinda the way I eat salad, too, now that I think of it.

So if you like your salads to act as vehicles to deliver dressing and tortilla strips or croutons, then join the club. And make this salad.

The Best Salad. Ever.

Romaine Lettuce, chopped

Diced grilled chicken

Yellow Bell Pepper, diced

Grape Tomatoes, halved

Cucumber, diced.

Handful of Craisins

Handful of Tortilla Strips or Croutons

Sprinkle of crumbled goat cheese

Dressing: 3 parts Poppyseed dressing to 1 part Balsamic Vinaigrette

Combine ingredients and dress. “YUM!”

Time to get dressed, salad!

Darling, you never looked better.


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