Rack ’em up

So, I’ve noticed a trend. I tend to treat Fridays around here as retail therapy day. Anyone else do that? Sometimes, a girl just needs to feel rewarded for her hard work. I figure my retail therapy is a lot cheaper than seeing an actual therapist. Maybe. Perhaps not, but it sure makes me feel great, so let’s not fix what’s not broken.

A couple of weeks ago when we were preparing for our trip to NJ, I realized I needed a “Shit, I need to wear actual clothes that don’t involve jeans or yoga pants” outfit. What? Don’t front. Everyone has that realization, right?  We were planning on walking around the city a bit and grabbing a bite to eat before seeing Anything Goes, so I needed to be comfy, warm and sorta kinda stylish. As far as I can be, anyway.

In the back of my head I was scolding myself for seemingly always needing a new outfit for every non-Colin related activity. How can I have so many clothes and never have anything to wear? These were questions to ponder another day though. I had to get on the road. So I decided I would keep my expedition on the cheap side. If I didn’t find something I absolutely loved, I wouldn’t purchase anything at all. Sideye: Loft.

I found myself at Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom’s red-headed step sister. Basically the TJ Maxx of Nordstrom. But better. Sometimes. You know how the whole discount retailer thing goes.

I found a sweater dress right away in the clearance section. For my ego’s sake, I’m going to assume it was originally in the Junior’s section since I had to go for the Large size. Yikes. Anyway, the price couldn’t be beat: $14. It’s a classic camel colored turtleneck sweater dress. Done and done.

As I explained to Colin that this dress might call for a belt (he agreed), we headed over to the accessories section, where my little partner in crime swiped a pair of sunglasses off a display table. I chided him, “No Colin, mommy doesn’t need….oh wait. Those are Coach. Let me try those on.” Score. And then no joke, he picked up a stack of gold rings. Since they were keeping him happy, I obviously had to get those too. Can’t be causing a scene at the Rack.

Now you may remember my expensive hobo cross body bag lust? This $400 beauty. Well, let me tell you. My search for a cute belt might have been in vain, but there she was. Just waiting for me. A Kate Spade “convertible hobo”. That is a stupid way of them saying you can wear this over the shoulder or across your body because there are two straps, one long, one short. It was nylon, which is a mom’s best friend. And it was deeply discounted. And obviously way cheaper than that *other* bag. So with the argument already brewing in my head about “ALL THE MONEY I SAVED!!!” I plopped that sucker in my cart as well.

And I didn’t even notice the cute polka dot interior until I got home. Totally worth it.

So what started as a coup in scoring a $14 sweater dress, turned into a $200 shopping spree. Woopsie daisy. But that happens all the time at Target and I couldn’t tell you what half of that crap is. Whereas here, I absolutely love everything I got, and …..well that’s about it. You’re not Kase. I don’t need to prove anything.

Ironically, when I put together my outfit for Anything Goes, I noticed I was also wearing my Cole Haan boots I scored from the Rack last winter. You see? I’m such a fiscally responsible shopper. And I still kind of love designer labels. Cuz I’m stupid like that.

And in case you were looking, here’s a similar look, complete with a $14 dress.

bag/earrings/sunglasses/ dress/ rings/ boots


2 thoughts on “Rack ’em up

  1. I want nice stuff too! But the closet Rack is like an hour away. Or 40 minutes. Same thing. And then there’s the part about not having money to spend on nice things. I need a job.

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