Colin’s Book Club

It’s like Oprah’s Book Club. But better. Because these books have pictures.

A few months back, I talked about my son’s addiction to the book “Little Blue Truck.” At least I assume it was an addiction. I base this on the fact he would get the shakes and would be very agitated when we hadn’t read it in at least 6 hours.

It was time to search for some new reading material. When simple phrases like “they clapped their hands” are automatically finished with “AND YELLED HOORAY! FOR THE LITTLE BLUE TRUCK WHO LED THE WAYYYYYY!” it’s time to move on. You have a problem. The first step is acknowledging it.

You do so by logging onto your Amazon Prime account and ordering books to arrive the next day. Because who has time to go to the bookstore? And by that, I mean, who has time to fight with their toddler over the Thomas the Tank Engine play set at the bookstore while trying to drag him away and simultaneously drop the $25 wooden block also known as a train toy. Not this momma. I’ve got better things to do, thanks. And much better things to spend $25 on. Like braided belts.


But back to the book club. The following get the Colin’s Book Club Seal of Approval. Which, in case you are wondering, resembles a slobbery hand print with a little bit of Kix residue.

If you’ve got a little kiddo of the male variety, then these books might be up your alley:

Llama Llama Wakey Wake. This is another of the Llama Llama series. We have the original Llama Llama Red Pajama, as well as the holiday version, Llama Llama Holiday Drama. This one’s a short little board book. $6 well spent.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster. This is a cute book about a terrible monster. No, seriously. He is terrible at being a monster. It’s cute. And more importantly, it’s short and to the point. It only looks long and hellish. It’s mostly just fun pictures. It’s by Mo Willems, who also writes the “Don’t let the Pidgeon” books.

Cars Galore. I bought this for Colin as a Christmas Present.  This books is awesome for kids who like cars. Truth in advertising, I guess. The rhymes are great, the pictures are cute. There is a lot of room for creative voices and sound effects. Parents know this is important.

Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime. This is a new addition to our household. We bought it over the weekend when we were in NJ. It’s silly, but I read it to Colin while he’s in the tub, and it’s pretty fun. He makes noises and happily brushes his teeth just like the dinosaur. Whatever works around here. And much like the Llama series, there seems to be a Dinosaur series that tackles the potty, the library and other assorted toddler predicaments.

So there ya have it. The Ulysses and Grapes of Wrath of the toddler literary canon, in my humble opinion. And I should know. I was an English Major.


One thought on “Colin’s Book Club

  1. Please dont ever stop blogging. You are my source of hysterical laughter every day, among other things……like what I should wear and cook for dinner.

    Have you checked out the froggy series? A little longer than the books you mentioned but cute. I like the sound effects – zip, zap, zup!

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