There once was a boy from Nantucket

Alternate post title: Kase, it’s happening. Get over it.

A couple of years ago, Kase and I were walking in Georgetown on our way to brunch. We were window shopping and happened upon Vineyard Vines.  Now it being wintertime, I think the temperature was around 40 degrees. Decidedly *not* flip flop weather.  But as we passed by, we were greeted by a young man in what can only be described as pink pants, a polo with a popped collar and leather flip flops. And boy was he happy. As he yelled good morning at us, I couldn’t help but gawk. I was all wrapped up in down everything with Uggs to match, and this college kid is strutting around with no socks and short sleeves. YOUTHS.  I looked over at Kase and he looked…..disgusted. This is an odd look to encounter on Kase. He is usually very happy. Muppety. Before I could even ask, he said “Those pants are stupid. I hate that store.”

Now this is problematic. Because I happen to love a nice prepster.  Kase had me fooled when we met.  I mean, he owned a braided belt. DON’T DENY IT, KASE. He also owned a jean jacket, but we don’t discuss that anymore. The jury ruled.

But back to the pink pants. Just for the record: they aren’t pink. They are “Nantucket Reds.” And they are awesome. And quite obviously, I need my son to have a pair. NOW.  And not just the pants. The whole kit and caboodle. I want people to ask me what prep pre-school he goes to. I’ll respond he’s a Gymbo man.   And then he’ll do the secret handshake. Which involves flapping his arms around and screaming. Kinda like they do at Yale. Or so I imagine.

But seriously, Kase. It’s happening. Deal with it.

moccasins/ sunglasses/oxford shirt/belt/pants/ flip flops

This outfit just calls for a special outing to the island of Nantucket, don’t you think? I mean, there’s even a change of shoes. You know. Just in case Colin is invited to go clamming. Or to a yacht party. Whatever.

And besides, you can’t call a little kid a douchebag. It just isn’t done.

One thought on “There once was a boy from Nantucket

  1. AGAIN! hahaha. Now I think my husband and Kase could be friends, his reponse to seeing that youth would be Tool Box or Douche Bag! But I too just LOVE Gymbo! I was also surprised to see in one of you recent psots that Kase is a tax lawyer guess wht my husband and I both do…we are CPA’s. He actually goes to an office everyday while I do the stay at home mom thing with a few clients on the side for in between my blog reading 🙂

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