This Friday is brought to you by the letter O

I haven’t spent this much time sitting on the floor staring at an appliance since I was 4 years old and couldn’t get enough of my reflection in the stove. For reals. I sat in front of that thing for hours just talking to myself. I’m older and wiser now. I talk to myself while folding the laundry.

Today I’m sitting in front of a refrigerator while being handed letter after letter after letter after letter after friggin letter (there are 26 of them, after all), wondering why in the hell I brought these out from hiding.  Did you know the whole alphabet is actually 26 consecutive “O’s”? According to Colin, anyway.

For fun I try to leave Kase little messages, but unfortunately “Get Xanax” required two X’s and I’ve only got the one.


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3 thoughts on “This Friday is brought to you by the letter O

  1. Can I highly recommend the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics? It’s electronic (aka, annoyingly noisy), but damn if that thing doesn’t keep T entertained by himself forever. And, bonus, he knows a lot of letters and their corresponding sounds now, definitely no thanks to my efforts.

  2. hahaha just yesterday afternoon I had to hide all the letter and number magnets from my son b/c he kept putting them in his mouth. I painted a magnetic/chalkboard wall in our basement (which is really fun BTW) so of course after I hid all the magnets from fear of choking he started eating the chalk. WTF the kid acts lie I never feed him!

    We also have a Leap Frog Fridge thing. The one we have is a barn with animals and it does entertain the little one while I am prepping a meal. But just this week when he gets a song going he starts to spin in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down. Probably after effects from the chalk dust 🙂

    • Thanks girls! Don’t you worry- I promptly got into the car and drove to Target and picked up a Leap Frog do hickey thingamabobber. Luckily, Kase and I are away this weekend, so my mother in law’s ears are the lucky recipient of those dulcet tones singing the ABC song over and over. 😉 Naturally, Colin loves it.

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