Where it’s at [and a Giveaway!]

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll have noticed Kase and I have moved four times alone this past year. Virginia to Boston to Virgina to Massachusetts again. Yes, our 18 month old son has had 4 homes. That kinda brings the Saddies. Not only that, but through our almost 7 years together, we’ve moved a total of 9 times, all along the Eastern Seaboard.  What can I say?  We like to move. Actually, that’s not true. We hate it. But we’re adventurous and impulsive and kinda dumb. Not coincidentally, we’re also broke. Also, we have commitment issues. Not to each other, thankfully. But yeah….

So while I love subway art, I wasn’t about to drop a ton of $$$ on individual city posters for each of the lovely cities we’ve lived in. I’m not Scrooge McDuck. I don’t have a basement full of coin in which I swim the backstroke. Know what I mean?  But then I stumbled across Jen Woodhouse’s shop on Etsy, The House of Wood.  I stalk Etsy frequently and have yet to be disappointed. It’s the pre-pinterest Pinterest. Am I right? And like any good pinner, I am here to share my latest and greatest find.

Jen not only creates single destination subway art but also “family rules” subway art, important dates subway arts and even customizable destination art. The sentimental sap in me loves it. Plus, it’s pretty to look at.

As I was taking it all in, my ears started to smoke because I was using my thinking gears. That’s what happens when all your ideas are brilliant. And this one was pure gold. I could create a single piece using all of our past addresses!  Look how sentimental I am!  And artsy!  And since I will use any excuse I can to spend money show my loved one I care, I decided Kase deserved a Valentine’s gift this year. So I contacted Jen and listed the 18 million places we have lived. I included zip codes. She sent me the proof within 24 hours and we decided to remove the zip codes since I don’t have hoes in every area code. It arrived before you could say “I’m an avid art collector.”  Annnd Voila!

Do you just LOVE it? It went over huge with Kase. He’s sentimental and stuff. Not coincidentally, he is also a pack rat. But I digress.

I picked up a cheapo frame at Target and had it up in no time flat. This is now the best looking corner in our house.

If you love it as much as I do, you’re in luck, because Jen is not only very talented, she is also generous. Probably to a fault as she has decided to give away one destination print in your choice of ready-made cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, Nashville, Boston, or Philly).

And hey, don’t get down if you don’t win. If you are interested in one of her custom creations or Family Rules subway art, Jen is also offering a 10% discount to my readers through April 1. Just use the code KATESREADERS10. Told ya she was awesome.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below. This is what we in the blog biz call BRIBERY, folks.  I know you are out there. I can smell your fear. But I really like when you virtual stranger friends comment. It makes me feel special like.  Extra points for funny moving stories. For instance, Kase and I moved in a blizzard once. We also lived in three different apartments in the same building. I hired movers to move us from the 4th floor to the 1st.  And once, our car was flooded in the backyard of a rental house. While we were at work. We found out through watching the news that evening. They filmed our car. Oh yeah, and the car was three days old. True stories. All of em.

Comment away!

(Pssst!  Giveaway will end on Friday 2/24/12 at 9pm EST.  I will announce the winner in Monday’s post. Good luck!)


13 thoughts on “Where it’s at [and a Giveaway!]

  1. Very Stylish! Thanks for the give away. We got married one weekend and the very next we moved. Yes, those were good friends to comitt 2 weekends in a row to us. Only us. We kept them busy each weekend. The next time we moved we hired out. Our friends thanked us. 😉

  2. HA! I totally remember when your car flooded. Kase sent me the news clip and i thought he was lying about it actually being your car.

    I love the boston one! we’ll i’ve never lived in any of the other cities…

  3. I can’t believe you lived in 3 apts in the same bldg. Wow! I really can’t top any of your moving stories but I do have one. When my husband sold his condo we were on our way home from Boston after seeing the Sox play the night before. Our realtor was doing the walk through with the buyer and called us ‘with a problem’ The water heater broke and had flooded part of the basement. It was so hot and the walls were covered in moisture from the humidity. Luckily nothing was in it since he had moved out already but it destroyed the cedar closet which soaked up a ton of water and caused great anxiety and aggravation. we thought the deal might fall through but then realized the girl buying it was getting a brand new cedar closet and water heater so it turned out to be her lucky day.

  4. Fun giveaway! I love your custom piece AND her shop!

    When I graduated from college and had to move home, my roomies and I waited until the last minute to pack. I took off the cap & gown and had 1 day to pack up the apartment. I also had walking pneumonia. At one point I’m throwing perfectly good stuff in the dumpster because it simply would not fit in the Chevy Cavalier.

  5. I think from the years 18-23 I moved over 20 times. 3 states and 2 countries later I ended up right back where I started! My husband on the other hand has moved once in his life- from the house he grew up in to our house now. LOVE the art idea am seriously pining for something similar. Great idea!

  6. Interested! That custom piece is sharp and yes was a brilliant idea. I still can’t find Milligan Place since you moved, it’s like The Hogswart Express leaving Track 9 3/4. At least it’s been memorialized.

  7. Cool pieces! I’ve only moved out once and that was with my boyfriend/now husband. My parents didn’t know about it until they realized or at least until I told them but I bet they knew since I was slowly moving furniture out during the day while they were away. Day by day … dresser by dresser. Boxes filling up my small car to. I can’t believe how fast and how little old me was able to carry a dresser up and down a whole bunch of stairs!

  8. Love this! No good moving stories since we’ve owned and lived in the same house for the last eight years. That could change since we are waiting to hear if we are moving to Wyoming- yikes!

  9. Love this…also love that you guys lived in three apartments in one building. Sounds like some crazy arse thing I’d do, too…and my husband would drag his feet but agree to it.

    I wish I had a godawful moving story, but most of mine come courtesy of my sister…who waits to pack until she’s got about 3 hours left on her lease. It’s the most frustrating, shit storm effort I’ve EVER seen. And the unpacking is worse. Box contents: underwear, mini broom, TV remote and puzzles. What the efff.

    Anyway, I digress…. 😉

  10. We’re actually getting ready to move again. Once in my single days (but dating my now husband), I moved one block. I should have rented a truck. We had my mattress on the top of his Jeep and looked ridiculous trying to hold that thing on top as we rounded the corner.

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