I don’t make resolutions. I think this year’s theme on resolutions was to be irresolute. I read that a lot on Facebook anyway, which is where I get most of my news these days. So it must be true.

My blogging has become a little scattered lately. And the truth is, I am a different person than I was one year ago when I started this blog. Sure, I still like checking out Better Homes and Gardens and scoping out the latest in fashion, but here’s the deal. I’m a mom. Last year this time, I had a three month old. And like most new moms, I thought I had it all down. “Self, you are a mom now. Things are different.” But they weren’t. I was still able to keep my house clean. He slept like 19 hours a day. I was able to cook healthy meals for my family. I didn’t have to worry about little people taste buds. I was able to go grocery shopping without the clerk covering her old lady ears and telling my child “Ouch, you are hurting my ears!” And the saddest part?  I still had the hope of fitting back into size 26 jeans. Oh, self. You are ludicrous.

What a difference a year makes.

Cuz all that? Out the window. I’ve got a toddler. Who talks. He talks gibberish, but he thinks he has something to say, so who am I to judge? And he moves. He runs, he falls into things, he climbs, he falls onto things. He has opinions of his own that he communicates through screaming and hitting things. Kinda like British Parliament. And he does stuff like this:

That there is the dry cleaning that was waiting by the door, just minding its business until I could run it to the car. Which is approximately 5 steps from the door. It was by the door for approximately 5 minutes. But Colin was awake. End of story.

My resolution this year is to accept change. In the past three days I have blogged more than I had in the past month. And sure, we had a lot going on. But I couldn’t blame it all on schedules and holidays. The truth is, if I have changed, then this blog’s gotta change too. I feel like my blog is still trying to fit into size 26 bootcut Sevens when the truth is I am rocking cobalt blue Mossimo skinnies from Target.  Not because they look good, mind you, but because they feel as close to Yoga pants without looking like I’ve completely given up.

I am no longer going to post as often about home decor and pretty things because quite frankly, these days I need 48 hours notice before I let anyone who isn’t married to me or birthed from me walk in the door. That counts relatives. You’re on notice. Pretty things, pretty rooms, luxurious fabric?  Size 0 models wearing frilly clothes and high heels? They don’t interest me nearly as much these days. Because I am jealous. And slightly dubious of the disposable income they require and the childless-ness they mandate.

I still like a bargain. I still love Etsy. I love finding good deals and sharing my ideas and recipes. But my focus has shifted just ever so slightly.

This is my life now. My little family is my focus. Does that make me a throwback? Maybe. But I’m happy to focus on it. And I want to blog more about it and the things it entails. Like ER visits. Fun, right?! Let the good times roll!

Just as I enjoy reading about your families and their shenanigans, I hope you get a chuckle out of mine.

We’ll be here all week. Try the veal.


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