Downton Baby

Okay, so I told you about my obsession with Downton Abbey. And last weekend, after my parents drove 4 hours in the snow to come and visit us,  I may or may not have sat them down and forced them to watch every single episode of the first season on Netflix. There wasn’t a whole lot of visiting, per se, but hey, I think they enjoyed themselves. Who wouldn’t?

Which naturally leads me to my next question. What’s the point of having a kid if you can’t dress him up like your favorite character from your favorite show (no, not Mob Wives!)? And what is the point of a blog if you can’t go ahead and post a little mood board of sorts to illustrate just how amazing your son would look dressed as Matthew Crawley, as seen below left:

Ha-cha-cha! I mean, just check out that Garden Party. If you watch, you know that Matthew is dreamy. Lord Grantham up there center isn’t so bad either. So noble. But Matthew is where it’s at for us younger set. And Colin’s where it’s at for me. So why shouldn’t they dress alike, I ask you?

All images via CrewCuts

Forgive me, I couldn’t find an ascot. You hear that, CrewCuts? WE DEMAND BABY ASCOTS!  If this isn’t a sign that Colin’s next party theme should be an English garden party set on the brink of war, then really, I don’t know what is. Think of the cute props- telegrams and sun parasols  and cucumber sandwiches and a gay conniving servants! An added plus? We know Colin will tolerate a bow tie for a good party. And I think I’d look great in a large sun hat.


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