The Look for Less [Wellie edition]

Yesterday, I headed to DSW to look for a pair of clogs I had spotted two months ago.  Clogs. I know. Please, don’t shoot me or turn me in to the authorities. I am aware it’s no longer 1999.  But you don’t understand! They were so comfortable!  I figure it’s about time I stopped wearing my Uggs everywhere, including church. I mean, really. If I can’t even bother to look cute for God, then things are pretty bad, right? But as per usual I digress, because they were no longer at DSW. But you know what was?? These beauts.

Chooka Rain Boots, $59.99

Oh goodness. They are charcoal gray with a bright pink zipper. And it was raining yesterday, so naturally I needed them. I mean, I was wearing…you guessed it. My Uggs. Decidedly NOT rain attire. And as my mother in law (my shoe shopping partner in crime) has advised me, “Life is short. Buy the shoes” So I did.

But the best part? I’ve been ogling these puppies for a while now. You see I sent my friend this email a while ago:

want these bad.

Do you like my flowing prose? Sidenote: when I had an actual paying job, my job reviews constantly came back positive, save for my “brusque and blunt email style. Kate should pick up the phone more, as she has a lovely personality that does not always translate through email.”  I assume it comes across on my blog? No? Oh well.

Joules Rain Boots, Originally $123

Gosh darn it, those are some cute wellies. Who would have thought the Brits could make a good rain shoe? So weird.  Sadly, regardless of the fact that they are on sale, they are sold out online. So really this is the look for less, as I am saving you a roundtrip airfare to the UK in order to purchase these at a local store. And then, using Extreme Couponing Logic/Math as well as Extreme Couponing Daydreaming, you can tell the cashier, “I saved over $1,000 on these!”  And as she or he presents you with your receipt, she’ll congratulate you on your 93% savings!

I love it when internet friends tell me what's what. Leave a comment!

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