The Look for Less [I hate shopping for lighting edition]

Blahhhhh.  You know how everyone out there is all invigorated for the new year?  Not me. No way, man. I feel like I got a late start, and now am struggling to catch up. It’s only the 10th! What is that all about?  Ah well, when you are a B student your whole life, it goes without saying you won’t be following through on any new year resolution. At least beyond the first two weeks. Or first week. Or first day. Which is why I no longer make them. Don’t set yourself up for failure is what I say.

So it’s 2012, and we still have boxes to unpack, closets to organize, things to find that have mysteriously gone missing (I’m looking at you, Puke Green Caridgan). I’m feeling a little, well, blah. And getting the house set up is also bringing me down. You see, it all started with lamps. Yes, you read that right. Dumb dumb dumb lamps. Apparently, when you move into a 60 year old home, you learn things like, oh, I don’t know. Like recessed lighting came into fashion a bit later than 1946. Which means we live in virtual darkness after 4:30pm.  Well, I do anyway. The couple of lamps we had on hand went to Colin’s playroom naturally. I would rather sit in a pitch black room than have a toddler running around all frustrated because he can’t dismantle his 100-piece train table and hide key pieces under furniture and rugs. After which he does his best impression of the old lady from “The Devil Inside” commercial when he can’t play trains. Side note: How do you get a toddler who has recently discovered screaming at the top of his lungs to stop? Bueller? Bueller?

So anyway, every time I step into a store, I’m on the hunt. And you know what? Either lamps are nice and expensive, or fug fug fug and inexpensive. But here’s the deal. I refuse to spend anything above $60 for a lamp. Call me cheap. If I could rig up a utility light and make it look good, I would. But sadly, I couldn’t find anything on Pinterest.

So in that vein, I thought I would share a look for less, lamp edition. Here we go.

C&B, you know I love you baby. But only when people have provided me with gift cards to purchase things from you, you expensive harlot.

Crate and Barrel Glow Lamp $69

I’d rather save the 30 bones on this taste specific lamp, and try this out instead:

Ikea Textur Lamp, $39

For floor lamps, I am into Tripod lamps these days, and found a cool one over at CB2, but the price got me down:

CB2 Twine Lamp, $199

 A little digging through the Target website, and you can save $150 (it’s on sale right now!)

Target Tripod Lamp, $43

So there ya go. Maybe my new year resolution should be to not buy $200 lamps. That I can totally do.


One thought on “The Look for Less [I hate shopping for lighting edition]

  1. I am boneyd excited to see your it’s fall y’all ideas I found your website & have just been in awe of all things done! I absolutely love to decorate. All your ideas inspire me Thanks

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