Another year over, a new one begun…..

Happy New Year!  Dudes, December went by in a blur. You know that song?  The one that goes, “So this is Christmas. And what have you done?”, well, I’ll just go ahead and show you what we’ve been up to the past two weeks. I still can’t believe it’s only been two weeks… Colin would say, “Woahhhh”.

[Gettin’ the job done.]

Since Colin has moved four times in his short little life, he knows when to jump in and get the job done. That rug wasn’t moving itself, people.

[Gettin’ settled.]

We moved on the 17th of December, and upon arrival, set up Colin’s new baby jail play room. He absolutely loves it. Especially after Santa came to visit.

[Puttin’ up the tree]

Before we moved, I gave Kase fair warning: We would be purchasing a Christmas tree on Sunday the 18th. Yes, I understood we may not be unpacked, but I required a tree. Luckily, he just shrugged and said, “ok”.  So we went downtown to the local nursery and bought this puppy. Then we headed over to the hardware store in town, where we gave them our list of Christmas paraphernalia and walked out with lights, tree stands, fireplace grills, you name it. Insta-Christmas.

[Playing Santa]

This is my version of a sleigh. Upon return trip to the town hardware store, I noticed this little lawnmower. Had to be done, people.

[Wrapping Presents]

I decided to go with a theme this year of wrapping my presents with kraft paper and tying it all up with string. I love how they turned out. Simple and so pretty.

[Just your average trip to Ikea]

Yeah, we had three dining room chairs. We needed a fourth. Luckily, the As-Is section came through, FOR ONCE.


Nuff said.

[Getting Away]

Our flight to Costa Rica left Bradley Airport at 5:50am, which means we had to check in at 3:50am.  So being the responsible parents we are, we decided to leave Colin with Grammie and hit up a double header at the movies, starting at 11pm on Christmas. Bad idea. Also a bad idea? Seeing Mission Impossible or Young Adult. Don’t say I never warned you.

Upon our arrival to Miami for our connecting flight, we were told they oversold it. Not cool. Long story short, Thanks American Airlines for paying for our vacation!  We especially enjoyed our couples massages on our deck overlooking the ocean. 😉 Costa Rica was even more beautiful than we remember. I’ve got lots of recommendations coming, and even a Fat Tuesday recipe for you from our trip.

So that’s what we’ve done. Happy New Year!


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