The Look For Less [Pendant Lamp Edition]

Well, jiggle my belly and call me Santa, my friend, because lookie what I’ve got for you! (Fine, my belly does jiggle on it’s own, but still).

Jonathan Adler Meurice Pendant Lamp, $375

Look familiar?

Yup, it’s just like our old chandelier. Less $290.  That’s correct. 84 bones.

Overstock Beige Fabric 3-Light Pendant Chandelier, $84

Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “The Look For Less [Pendant Lamp Edition]

  1. Fa’ real?!? That looks amazing. Shame on JA for charging almost $400 for that beast!

    This reminds me…I need to get to Gabe’s house and start fancying shit up. New lights, new furniture. I’m cringing at the total, but your $84 light fixture is giving me hope.

  2. Bethany- yup, we liked it so much we bought another and replaced a builder grade light with it. You really can’t beat the price and it’s not flimsy or cheap. I think we will get it for our new rental as well.

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