Operation: WANA

This year, my siblings and I have decided not to exchange gifts. Over the years, it has turned into a “Hey, here’s a $100 gift card.” “Oh thanks. Here’s your $100 gift card”.  Kinda pointless, right?  But this year we did ask each other if we had a special cause, we would let the others know and they could contribute if they wanted.  Well, I think I just found it.

My friends Shannon and Bethany posted about Operation: WANA on Facebook.  The WANA? Stands for We Are Not Assholes. See?

Basically, this came about due to a blog post where people criticized the blogger for a lavish lifestyle, and pleaded (putting it nicely, here) for her to think of others who really were up a creek, so to speak.  And so she opened up her blog to those in need to post their holiday wishes- things they REALLY need. Not a want.  A real need. And it’s pretty eye opening. Especially as we all run around the mall picking up crap for those very hard to buy for people. Things that will get shoved to the backs of our walk in closets.

So if you are so inclined, go ahead and pop over to MODG’s blog.  Peruse the comments (that means examine closely, not scan- did you know that?) and if you want to help, respond to one.  It’s that easy. Ain’t blogging swell?

This is probably me signing off for the holidays with the move and all, so Happy Holidays Merry New Year, etc. And I just want to say for the record: I’m not an asshole. Well, I can be sometimes with strangers in the express line at Target with over 10 items and paying for each with a new credit card, but generally, I’m not. I’m sure you aren’t either. Prove it. 😉


2 thoughts on “Operation: WANA

  1. WANA stands for WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED.actually when british came to wana they didnt see women in market and public places so they call it WANA.

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