Pack it up, Pack it in

….let it begin.  We’ve been a little busy around these parts- from Thanksgiving on, I feel like we haven’t had a chance to sit down and relax.  You see, our short stay in Virginia has come to an end.  We will be moving back to Massachusetts in less than two weeks. Yikes.  Which meant we needed to spend the days following Thanksgiving researching and visiting neighborhoods and towns, and finally finding a nice house to rent.  And when we returned?  This commenced:

I’ve started the always enjoyable packing experience, a sting only lessened by boxes dropped off by my sister. You see, we tossed our boxes last move (not smart) and so have to shell out some cash again to buy more. But at least we’ve got a good head start. Not to mention the knowledge I gained in the last couple of moves we’ve made.

Here are my top ten tips for the pool souls who have to pack it up and in:

1. Buy UHaul brand packing paper, rather than the paper at Home Depot. You get more sheets per package and they are thicker, and better for packing breakables.

2. For dishes and glassware, definitely also invest in a kitchen dish and glass kit.  They sell these at UHaul as well. They are foam pouches and a cell kit for a moving box. We didn’t have a single dish or glass break in our last move, which I can’t say for the times we had actual professionals pack us up.

3. Home Depot has cheaper boxes than anywhere else. Except for free ones from your sister. Since those are, you know, free. (Thanks again, Maureen!)

4. If you know you are moving, keep every box you receive from the UPS and Fed Ex man, no matter how strange in shape. You can always find a use. I am an Amazon Prime member, so for the last month, if I needed something like dog food, I ordered it from Amazon and got a handy box from it. Not to mention, I didn’t have to pay shipping and got a better deal than I would at Target.

5. Buy more packing tape than you think you will EVER need. Because you’ll use it, and most likely need just one more roll.

6. Last time, I used a label maker to label and number boxes. If you are moving yourself and just using movers to pack your truck, this is entirely unnecessary. Just grab and Sharpie and scribble something eligible so you know what’s inside.

7. Pack any clothes in the suitcases you own, rather than using moving boxes. You have to move the suitcases anyway, right?

8. Stuff as much as you can into Wardrobe boxes. I use the bottoms of the boxes for shoes, umbrellas, pillows, etc. It’s unused space in most cases, so fill er up.

9. There’s no need to pack in any particular order, but rather, pack first what you haven’t used or don’t use daily. Leave cleaning supplies for the very last.  I use a Rubbermaid tote or something similar, and place in a corner where it won’t get picked up by movers. You’d be surprised how you need that tub of Clorox wipes, dish detergent, etc.

10. Speaking of Rubbermaid totes, have an empty one ready to corral all those last minute forgotten items, like shower essentials, extension cords, etc. Once your furniture has been moved out of the way, you’d be surprised at how many things managed to find their way under heating registers, rugs, etc. Just toss whatever you find into the tote. No man left behind, moving style.

We move on the 17th, which as you know is just one week short of a certain holiday. I’m hoping to get us settled in before then. Especially since we won’t return until the New Year, after our trip to Costa Rica.

Wish us luck! Packing is a different beast altogether with a fully mobile and vocal toddler….


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