Fat Tuesday [Roasted Brussels Sprouts]

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Fatty!  Dudes, I’ve been “pinning” like a mad woman. Looks like I may be bringing about five dishes to Thanksgiving, whether I’ve been asked or not (I haven’t- is it bad form to bring food? or just bad form NOT to bring food?). Have you been pinning sides? Cuz I have. In fact, I saw this recipe floating around Pinterest, with captions like, “Perfect for Thanksgiving!”.  I was all, “Awww, Hell to the No!” Whitney Houston style. I’ve got a bit of a bad history with the sprouts, in that I find them disgusting.

But lo and behold, I was in the Trader Joe’s and they had entire stalks of Brussels Sprouts.  I never actually thought about how these tiny cabbages grew. I must admit: I was intrigued. So I went ahead and put one of those puppies in my cart. Colin was all, “Whaaa?” and trying to pick it up and use it as a sword to swat other customers. I put the kibosh on that by stuffing some animal crackers down his gullet.

I came home and prepared them according to the same recipe you’ve seen floating around. I just trimmed each sprout, cut it in half and placed them on a baking sheet, doused them with some olive oil, sprinkled on some (lots) sea salt and placed the whole shebang in a preheated 400 degree oven, turning them over occasionally so they would caramelize evenly. I baked them for about 15-20 minutes, but it’s easy to keep an eye on them to see that they are browning and getting kinda crispy on the outside.

As I was doing this, I was getting the side eye by a certain husband. “Are we eating those? Really?”. I told him he didn’t need to have any, but served them up and guess what? Those little bastards were gone before I could sit down. Literally. Someone whose name rhymes with Case scarfed them down, only stopping every now and then to serve them to a whining despot, who also scarfed them down. There were barely any left for me. It was sad.

And a new side dish was born in our household. So yeah, I’ll go ahead and say it. These would be perfect for Thanksgiving.

Commence drooling.


Are you madly pinning recipes for Thanksgiving? Anyone want to help me cook approximately 45 side dishes that I absolutely must try that day? Hannans- you want some of this?!?


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