3 books

Any of you out there have a 1 year old? Specifically, a one year old boy?  Here are three books that are currently on HEAVY rotation at our house. Parents know what I’m talking about. Literally, we just rotate through them for about 3 hours total a day.  Little Blue Truck. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.  Read and Repeat.

To make it fun for myself, I like to add in a little sound track and special effects, like throwing our hands up in the air when people “shout hooray”.  It’s only funny because Colin does it at the wrong part. Like about 4 pages too early at the height of “conflict”. Conflict being a relative term in a board book, of course.

And just for fun, I’ll go ahead and show you the photos leading up to the final shot above.

I can’t even try and photograph the books without someone’s grubby little sausage fingers reaching for them and repeating ad nauseum, “Cuck! Coo Coo!” For those of you who don’t speak Despot, that would be “Truck” and “Choo Choo”.  I’m just happy he has figured out the “Uh” sound in “truck”, because it used to be an “Ah” sound. Sound it out, people. It was highly inappropriate.


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