Fat Tuesday [Work Widow Leftovers]

Hi Y’all. I’ve got a confession. I haven’t been cooking much around these parts. You see, I’m a work widow. I’m the woman whose husband calls her pretty much every night at 6:30 and says “Looks like it’s gonna be a late one.” I’d be concerned he’s up to no good, having an affair or some other kind of silly shenanigans men can get up to, but truth be told: his mistress is the U.S. Congress. Yup, just another reason to hate our government.

So I’ve been taking a long hard look at my refrigerator with its piles of pumpkin chili filled tupperware, cheese drawers stuffed to the gills and bread about to go bad thinking, oh no, all this food and nowhere to go. No one to feed, even. But then I remembered this delicioso image I spotted on Pinterest:

“The Osceola” (Sloppy Joe Stuffed Grilled Cheese) 

That is just about the most awesomest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. And I want to eat it right off the screen. But instead, I put my good old noggin to use and scratched up a little leftover grilled cheese goodness. Behold the “Pumpkin Chili Stuffed Grilled Cheese”.

Yup, just take some yummy Colby/Swiss Cheese and top it off with a little pumpkin chili. Grill and serve. Want a crust similar to what you see above?  Poke holes in your bread, load that puppy with cheese (lots and lots and lots of cheese) and grill. The cheese will seep out and create a little cheese crust.

This ain’t your mother’s leftovers…..


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