It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

Say what you will Nordstrom, but around these parts, I love me some Christmas in November. Hell, I was excited back in October. I don’t believe in “celebrating one holiday at a time”. Especially since one of those holidays revolves around pressies and the other revolves around food. See? Something for everyone. Especially me. I love pressies AND eating. But *that* particular holiday is called My Birthday.

Around these parts, I am struggling with how exactly to decorate our temporary rental for the holidays given a few things:

1. A very climb-y toddler who likes to take delicate objects and shyly mumble, “Uh Oh” while throwing said object at Major League velocity.

2. Our three storage bins chock full of Christmas decor are up in Massachusetts and I have no intention of bringing them here in time to pack them back up to move back to Massachusetts. I’m weird like that.

3. We will be traveling over Christmas to visit family and will be gone in Costa Rica through the New Year. Which means live trees will be dead trees upon our return.

Due to aforementioned travel and climb-y, throw-y child, we’ve decided having a large collapsible object (read: Christmas tree) with child size throwing objects all over it probably isn’t a great idea for such a short period of time around here. And while that is sad considering this will be the first Christmas Colin will actually get to participate in, it would be more sad to throw out a tree on Christmas Eve Eve. I’ll get over it.

Which leads me to searching the old interwebs for child-friendly, cheap, and inanimate decor. Decor that doesn’t revolve around a tree.

Here are some images for you….

If you love red, green and white:







Or if you’d rather keep it simple, these might be more your style….




Now I better get on it….only 46 decorating days left before the big day.


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