Sisters are doing it for themselves

What’s a girl to do when she heads to the craft store and they have n0 wreath forms? Or buttons? Or little styrofoam balls?  She abandons her original Pinterest inspirations and finds a new one on the fly. Cuz she’s so crafty like that. Not to mention, she bundled up her little despot, crammed him into his car seat and drove to the craft store- she was going to leave with something, dammit. And now I shall stop narrating in the third person. That’s annoying.

So I toddled around the Michael’s until I saw some cardboard cones in the Christmas display, which is when I thought back to this pin I’ve got on my Christmas stuff board:

Oooh, pretty. Twine trees. Loving it.  This image was originally from a West Elm Catalog, so I can’t give true proper credit, but there ya have it. Isn’t twine the bomb? I love me some natural fibers and this twine had me at hello.

*But* as in all things Michael’s, I could not find twine. Of course. And at that point, I can’t say I was surprised or disappointed. I was now suffering from a Michael’s Induced Apathy, or MIA as we call it in our house. See, this is why I don’t get crafty.  It’s so much more time consuming than just popping into a Pottery Barn and scooping up some holiday decor and leaving $100 poorer. I mean, time is money. Know what I’m saying?

No matter. I am stubborn, like bull. So I headed back to the yarnery section (that’s what it’s called, right?) and scoped out some holiday greens and reds, but decided finally on a “Fisherman’s Wool” which is evidently perfect for “Felting”. Huh?  I just want to wrap it around a cone. Is that cool?

I took home the fisherman’s wool in a Baker’s twine inspired brown/cream, and three cones. To the tune of like, $15.  This better be worth it, Pinterest. This better be worth it.

I got out my trusty glue gun (Yay!) and got to spinning that cone, with said yarn, around and around, like so:

And finally, when I had given myself carpal tunnel, I wound up (pun totally intended) with these beauts:

and now for an EXTREME CRAFT CLOSE UP:

Ooooh, look at that yarn-ey goodness. And now I can say, “Oh those? I made them myself….” to which the person asking will respond, “I should hope so! I wouldn’t pay my hard earned money for those!” and in my craft induced haze, I will just smile and nod. Smile and nod.


One thought on “Sisters are doing it for themselves

  1. That ish just got pinned! I was at Michaels today but didn’t see any friggen trees though. Meh. What can I do with a paper towel roll (slightly chewed on), a pizza box (very empty) and a roll of scotch tape? Go!

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