Crafty Little Bugger

Guys- I have fallen into a Pinterest death spiral.  You know what I’m talking about: when you spend hours upon hours which turn into days just pinning, pinning, pinning!! like a mad person. An insane person, really. Especially when you consider this:

I have 18 pins (and growing) of cute crafty things I could make. And I like to open up said file and look at them daily. Don’t act like you don’t do the same. The problem lies in actually *doing* said crafty projects. I get all “ughhh” about the whole thing and then find a comfy spot on the couch where I watch approximately 4 hours of Real Housewives (any city will do).

But enough is enough. So in the spirit of Bower Power’s Pinterest Challenge,  I am going to stop pinning and start doing (Cue me whining to no one in particular: “But pinning is so fun and easy. Plus, it’s free!!!”) Thusly, I am dragging my son to Michael’s where I will roam the aisles in intimidated bewilderment and utter confusion after which I will plonk down my debit card to the tune of $50 for a stash of supplies to make something I could probably buy at Pottery Barn for half that and which I will never use again. Until I set up my craft room in my not yet purchased mansion. Natch.

It don’t matter though, because I will become the proud owner of a little something I like to refer to as “a sense of accomplishment that I DID IT MYSELF!”  So which one to try first?  And yes, I am starting simple. Like, my 5-year-old-niece-could-do-this-and-probably-better than-I-can-simple. I’ll leave it up to you, so kindly leave feedback.

First, we’ve got this wreath– I’m thinking I’d probably get this done in time for Christmas, so I’d change the colors to fit the season:

Next I could also probably get this here ornament done by Colin’s fourth or fifth Christmas. Man, that’s a wholelotta buttons. But I like the fact that I could use my glue gun. I so enjoy the gun that glues.

And then, this doormat might be the easiest, provided I can find a “J” stencil. Oh why couldn’t my last name start with an “I”?!  Then I totally would have tackled this crafty project.

So whaddya think??


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