Tie One On

When we were unpacking, I came across Colin’s birthday outfit, from his baptism romper to his birthday “suit”. God, he was dashing that day, in his red seersucker bow tie and blue checked button down. Luckily, I managed to snap a few photos (read: 3 photos, exactly)  to remember it by.  But the truth is, I’ve got a tiny man bow tie hanging around for which I have no real need.  And trust me, as the mother of a 1 year old, I’ve got plenty of miniature things hanging around. Quite enough really.  And I’m not one for clutter. But this puppy has sentimental value to this mama, so I knew I wanted to do something with it.

So when I was cruising the aisles at Target and saw a shadow box, I recalled a project over at Aubrey & Lindsay’s Blog and knew I had to recreate it for myself. So I grabbed a shadow box, some scrapbook paper and headed home to frame Colin’s first birthday bow tie. For posterity and the like. Ya know.

I just measured the paper to fit the back of the frame, grabbed my glue gun and centered the bow tie and glued away. I had to do this quick, because I was starting to have second thoughts. I mean, Colin could totally rock that tie again on Christmas, Valentine’s Day….I could go on. But truth is, as well as he worked it, he didn’t love the tie as much as I did. So I glued. And glued a little more. And I ended up with this:

Easy peasy. Just the kind of “craft” project I like. Mostly because it’s nearly impossible to screw up. 😉


One thought on “Tie One On

  1. Love that! Also love that I’m only now getting the memo they sell shadow boxes at Target after I paid a small fortune from another store…..

    Please come to my house and help me make my shadow boxes….also, let’s start a scrap booking club! I love having creative friends who make me laugh!

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