It’s Fall, Y’all

How’s that for a witty title?  And I’m not even Southern!

Sometimes, Kase and I just feel like hitting the open road with the despot in tow (and sleeping in the carseat) and travelling to Confederate Country to celebrate all things Fall. Like antique cars. And Llamas. Er, I mean, Alpacas. This post is really just an excuse to feature alpacas. Since we met some very nice fluffy ones this past weekend at the Bowling Green Fall Festival.  Wanna check it out?  Okay then. Let the photo dumping commence.

After parking, we hit up the antique car show, which kicked off the Main Street festivities. And I have to say, it was awesome. I love me some classic cars. No, I’m being serious. When I was younger, I was very knowledgeable about cars. I could even tell the make and model based on tail lights in the dark. You can ask my parents. Now? Not so much, but I do love looking at restored cars. Especially candy apple red Mustangs from the late 60s.  I told Kase if push came to shove, I would take a hard top over a convertible, in case he couldn’t locate a candy apple red convertible. Because in my opinion, you shouldn’t do a Mustang unless you can do candy apple red. Naturally. I was too busy ogling to take any pics – which was a shame, because there were some pretty impressive cars on display, like the Model T Speedster from 1928 or something like that- but we did take this pic for Kase’s mom, who always wanted a Triumph:

I love cars. Moving on.

So we meandered along the Main Street which resembled a sort of street fair in NYC- lots of fried food stands, Italian Ice, homemade lemonade, honking turkey drumsticks. You get the drift. I finally tried a Fried Twinkie.  And I say this with the utmost respect for twinkies and anything fried: NOT. WORTH. IT. Not even close to being worth it. See? I’m not Southern.

We hit up the local antique store, which apparently considers itself the Pottery Barn equivalent of Bowling Green (read: overpriced, but cute):

Loved this crate, but $35 seemed a bit much. Right? I don’t know. I always think antique stores should sell things for 25 cents. I’m delusional like that. Cute though.

Part of me really wanted these for Colin. Either set would have been fine, though I do have a soft spot for anything Muppet related. We had juice glasses like this growing up and I loved them. But again, the set seemed a bit pricey. So we went without. Bye, Betty. It’s been real.

Colin was beginning to get feisty, so we decided to hit up the petting zoo, which naturally, was in front of this. So meta.

I like how it says, “A Pauley Jail”. What the what?  It sounds like calling something “A Speilberg film”.  Who is this Pauley and why is he the go-to person for a jail? I need to google that shit.  But I probably won’t. But I should….

So we took a little look-see at the jailed animals. Er, I mean, “petting zoo”. I think I want me an alpaca. Decent animals, alpacas.

And calves:

And then all hell broke loose because we tried to remove Colin from the petting zoo area and instead he acted like a wild boor and the Caroline County Agricultural people thought we were trying to smuggle one of their animals away in our Maclaren and took us to the jail where they booked us for animal cruelty.  Just kidding. They booked us for child endangerment. Kidding again. But he did have a massive meltdown, so we moseyed on out of there.  But we felt like we had a nice little day of animal-pettin, car-oglin and twinkie-eatin, southern style. Which is to say, it was a good day.


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