So…that happened

This past weekend, I spent Saturday driving up to Wilmington, DE to meet up with some pretty awesome organ harvesters fellow bloggers. You see, back in May, one of my favorites bloggers, Shannon, invited her fellow bloggers to spend a weekend in Philadelphia, but Shannon, being Shannon, meaning, being awesome, decided to name this event, “Always Bloggy”, like so:

How can you turn down an invitation like that? I couldn’t. So off to Philly/Delaware we went. A couple of things about the weekend, which was awesome:

1. My fellow lady bloggers are quite a cool and fun bunch. Not to be confused with a “funky bunch”. That’s Marky Mark Wahlberg’s posse.

2. Philadelphia has a slight cat population control issue.  And I’m not talking live cats.  Ceramic, wood, metal, you name it. It was feline.

3. I can now give you a recommendation as to where to get your cheesesteak “Whiz Wit”.  And it was delicious.

4. Little known fact: Betsy Ross was a mass murderer.  Black Widow style. At least that is what the (un)guided tour we took led me to believe. She married three times before thirty and they ALL DIED.  Don’t you worry though, CSI: Revolutionary Edition is on the case.

5. Bethany can play a mean pipe flute.

6. Raw cocoa pods are not suited for small children, as they are slightly pornographic. I do not recommend.

7. The Wilmington Target still has Missoni items. And even though my hostess calls the line “Fug” I may have purchased these:


So…that happened. And then my camera died. Which is why I only got this pic:


One thought on “So…that happened

  1. Absolutely dying while reading this! The cat control problem is insane–the strike force really needs to get on that shizz. I mean, come on. Also, I’m happy to hear I bewitched you with the sounds of my melodious pipe flute. I’m a novice, so your encouragement means a lot. 😉

    Anyway, so excited that I got to meet you, and hope you have a fabulous rest of the weekend!

    Oh, and a hefty heck yes on your cocoa plant advisory. So wrong. And yet I don’t regret it.

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