I need sleep. And I’m cheap.

The despot is cutting FOUR teeth at the moment, so I am quite tired lately. And what’s worse?  I have a crappy bedroom set up right now. We got rid of our Ikea upholstered bed frame fearing it would not make yet another move (which it wouldn’t, let’s be honest), and so we are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor like college kids. And then there is the tiny but annoying issue of the off-center windows, making it hard to find an appropriate spot for the king size bed and making it especially hard for me to find a balanced floor plan. Which is all to say, I’ve pretty much given up.  I’m tired, give me a break. 😉

But it’s time to get this thing done, and even more important, done on a budget, which is where one of my favorite bloggers saved the day for me.  Take in The Simple Things, and Carly’s new bedroom re-design:

Carly is my girl, because she loves Ikea as much as I do. Which to be quite honest, I didn’t think was possible. But it looks to me like she has our old rug, and the Hemnes side tables, and a Pottery Barn old fashioned phone, which we also own, natch. Top it all off with simple and serene white bedding (Check!) and  you have a very calming bedroom, in my opinion.

On the to do list is buy a metal bed frame to bring our mattress up off the floor, a bed skirt and new blinds. I really love the bamboo blinds she hung, which add a bit of dimension and texture and tie into the rug quite nicely. And I know I can score those drapes for cheap at the ol’ Ikea.

Well done, Carly! And thanks so much for the inspiration!


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