The Look for Less [Rug Lovin’ edition]

We spent our weekend rug huntin’.  Apparently someone’s new neighbors aren’t as impressed as we are by the despot’s walking skills. And falling skills. And throwing-toys-on-the-floor-skills. They don’t have kids apparently- little miracles they are! But laying down some rugs would be helpful- for Colin!- so when he does hurdle his entire 23 pound body to the floor, he has somewhere soft to land. Obviously. So a rug huntin’ we did go.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but we went with a neutral. And though I so badly wanted my Dash and Albert baby, at $800, he is not in the budget now. Nor does he fit my lifestyle (Colin may or may not have eaten blueberry nutrigrain bars for breakfast- see where I am going with this?) All of which is to say: Here’s what we scored at HomeGoods for 200 smackers:

(note: shelves have not been styled yet)

I go for neutrals because well, they are soothing to me and you can do a lot more SADs related decorating with neutrals than you can with a specific color scheme (in my opinion, as a SADs affected person).  And even though I love a good neutral, I also love myself a nice punchy rug. Lately, I’ve got my eye on these (all the better to hide toddler food related stains on, my dear!):



Wanna save some bucks? Try these instead:



Happy rug-huntin’!


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