God, is it Friday yet? Oh, it is? Well, that’s good then. I’ve been diligently unpacking boxes all week, though it’s been clear where my priorities lay. I am sure any parent of a toddler who has moved can relate, right?

I had a box actually labeled “Colin- OPEN FIRST”. This box included all of his favorite toys.  And when we took a little trip to Ikea to pick up some new curtains and a media cabinet? First stop was to the Children’s section to pick up a new rug so Colin could play “Ducks” (that’s trucks to you.) Okay, to be fair, the first stop was clearly to the restaurant so I could get the little mister filled up on Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, which he absolutely loved. I may or may not have eaten the chocolate cake for my own lunch.

So just to put it in perspective for you- here is how we are faring so far.  We’ve got all the furniture placed as we want it in all rooms. And since the Fios man is coming on Monday for his 5-6 hour appointment (seriously, Fios Man? I’ve got a life.) we needed to get some things in order. Like where we are going to watch television. And also, we should buy said television.

So last night we tackled the living room, with the new media cabinet.  It’s not totally built yet, but here’s where it stands (no pun intended, hardy har):

We had a plan to recreate the built ins from our old condo, and I even purchased the bridges to put over the media unit, but unfortunately, it just didn’t work out. We didn’t love the asymmetrical way it looked against one wall since we could only fit three cabinets along the wall with the media unit in between. However, asymmetrical bookcases against two walls? Apparently A-OK by us. But now, we wonder, do we put something above where the TV will be to fill in the space? Whaddya think? My brain is fried and I’m outta ideas. Also? I still have yet to tackle this:

I think it’s pretty clear what I’ll be up to this weekend.  Have a good one!


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