Up to our old tricks

So….we moved again. Here’s a snippet of my life from Saturday at 7am until last night at 10pm.

One U-Haul, one dog, one despot, one search of said U-Haul by police (note to self: never move on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 using a box truck), an average speed of 45 miles per hour for 400 plus miles, one torrential downpour and one 10 hour journey later we arrived.

And if our new place looks familiar, it’s because it is.  We are back in our old condominium complex, though sadly, not back in our old condo, which we sold. For the time being, we are renting a townhouse (I didn’t overcome my aversion to red walls- the townhouse came that way). However, the amount of sheer space in our new place is amazing, not only for Kase and me, but for Colin as well. He’s really getting to stretch those chubby legs. Also? We get to use our dining room table again. It’s the little things. An added bonus is we’ve got great friends and family all around us again. We are feeling settled already.


One thought on “Up to our old tricks

  1. Does this mean you’re closer or further away from me now?? And should I be congratulating you guys, is this a good move? If so, congrats! The place looks great and I’m sure you’ll have it styled up in no time. And yay for being around your peeps! Ain’t nothin like it.

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