Party Time! Excellent!

So here it is.  The first birthday party post. It’s taken me until today to work up the energy to write it up.  We had such a great weekend with family and friends, I’m sad it’s over. Two very special men in my life share a birthday (my brother Tim and of course, the despot), so there was lots of celebrating to be done!  I’m also in disbelief that the despot is actually ONE!  It’s almost as if Christmas is over- a lot of build up, and then- it’s over.  Saddies.

I decided on the theme “It’s Been a Banner Year”.  I took it from the amazing invitations we ordered through Katie Richards.  She was so great to work with and customized one of her shower invites for Colin’s birthday- even switching up the background color and wording, and working in the colors from the cupcake toppers I used.  I loved it:

*You can go ahead and show up there if you want to be stalker-y (who doesn’t?), but we don’t actually live there. Also, we won’t live anywhere even near there come Saturday. See, I’m sneaky like that.

I used the banner and dot images for the rest of the party- between signage leading guests to the roof, labels for the lunch boxes and my personal favorite detail, Colin’s note to his guests:

The note reads, “I’m too young to blow out my candles and make a wish, so would you please make a wish for me as I turn One?  You can even use my personal stationery!”  Next to the vintage typewriter (remember when we scored it here?), I placed a stack of notecards with Colin’s name on them. Naturally, I ordered my one year old stationery through Etsy seller Emily Rose Custom Design .  Aren’t the cards great? I love the ledger style. And the best part? You print them yourselves- so you have custom stationery for life, people. LIFE.  I’ve already placed the cards into his baby book. We did something similar at our wedding, and I love looking back to see what people wrote. I think it will be nice for Colin to have something similar.

Since we had Colin baptized right before the beginning of the party, I decided to keep things simple (ha!) and hire Luci Chalian to help me set up the roof while were at the church.  Luci did a great job putting together my vision but more than that, she did a great job keeping me sane. Plus she’s fun to hang out with wile making 25 chicken salad sandwiches. If you live in the Boston area and need party help, or any help at all with anything, Luci is your gal.

The main table was made up of bottled drinks, lemon water, a couple of the boxed lunches for the adults and as a special favor for the kidlets, I made up some lunches and placed them in these cute suitcase boxes- they look like miniature briefcases- with Colin sporting his bow-tie and carrying these around, he looked like he was off to work. Get that money, honey!  I put some bubbles into the cases for each kid and they got to take the whole kit and kaboodle home.

I also put out a little Ikea play rug for the kids and threw out a bunch of toy cars, planes, etc for the kids to play with.  It was a hit:

I made the labels for the Gable boxes-using shipping labels of all things!  Totally suggest this- they are a great size and print out easily from your own printer. And yes, I cheaped out and bought cupcakes. I would rather spend time with my family than bake cupcakes. Sue me. Love how the cupcake toppers really match the labels perfectly.

I think a good time was had by all. But a certain despot decided to be true to his name by the time the cake rolled around:

Full on meltdown. Ah well. What’re you gonna do? We put him to bed and kept the party going:

Thanks to all the friends and family who joined us for such a special day. You made it even better by being there.


One thought on “Party Time! Excellent!

  1. Dude. Duuuuude. This is awesome. I love the Banner theme, the suitcase & gable box lunches, the typewriter, the location, the cake, everything. And the picture of him sitting on the rug with his little foot sticking out? Ca-ute!

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