What a girl wants…

As I pack up our living room, and look around at ALL THAT WHITE, I am dreaming of a more layered living room in our new place.  Here’s what’s on my wish list:


These footstools are from, wait for it, IKEA!  But I saw them in a Better Homes and Gardens back a few months ago- the homeowner had kids and stacked these in front of the fireplace to block it- the added benefit was that they loved to climb all over these.  We may not have a full-time walker at our house quite yet, but someone sure does love climbing on top of everything. These are not only good looking, but add texture to a room, which I think may be needed.  And I love to throw my feet up at the end of the day, so these can pull double, triple, quadruple duty. And at $29 a pop, that’s pretty good.

We all know I just have to have this rug.  Mixing modern and classic in a nice subtle color- this rug is the bomb.  And I want it. NOW.  Little did I know we would be moving and I would have the perfect canvas.


If you pulled my arm, I *suppose* I could settle for this Dash and Albert Rug, which I have been eyeing since New Orleans.  Well, actually, since before then, but when I spotted it in person, I fell in love.

And since I can’t help myself (IT’S A DISEASE!), let’s toss in some throw pillows, like this Ikat number from Pottery Barn:


or this one:


So there you have it- I want to layer in some texture, color and prints.  Gotta find the silver lining when moving, right?!


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