‘Round Here….

Anyone else a closet Counting Crows fan like me?  Ah, memories of the 6th grade, lying in bed listening to “Round Here” and  “Anna Begins” on repeat. My life was so tortured, you understand.  Growing up middle class on a cul-de-sac ain’t for wussies.

Moving right along (pun INTENDED), here’s what’s going on at my house:

Fenway’s been a big help with the packing, as you can see. Colin, too. Not. (or should I say, “Psyche!”)

So, we’re moving. Why? Because we haven’t moved in 6 months, you silly!  And we like to keep up with our track record for one move per year.  We missed out last year, so we are making up for it now.

If you were wondering, yes, I do have OCD and am creating mock ups for Colin’s party, which you may see there in the background. But I have a good reason (beyond my OCD).  I need to know what needs to remain unpacked, since we are moving 6 days after his party. What can I say? We like to keep ourselves on our toes around here.


One thought on “‘Round Here….

  1. Oh my word, I listened to “Anna Begins” so many times I couldn’t even count. An older boy told me that the song reminded him of me, so I was obsessed with it. Memories…

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