Ten dolla holla

Back when we were up in Maine, our little beach community put on their annual craft fair.  Now, back in the day, I participated in said craft fair with a summer friend and sold my beautiful creations- to be specific, sand dollars decorated with glitter.  We did our best to poke holes in the tops and create gorgeous one of a kind Christmas ornaments.  Not very professional at all, but we did sign our wares just in case we became famous. It could still happen folks. Though my crafting skills have not evolved very much, sadly. But it could *totally* still happen.

Anyway, the craft fair has been turned over to professionals.  Like, people who craft for money all year long.  WHAT?!  I was a bit hurt and offended I was not asked to return. I’m sure I could have scraped up something cute and crafty with two hours notice.  But I went along with my mother one day, you know, to be a good sport.  And look what I found:

I know! So strange that Pottery Barn was at the craft fair!  Just kidding.  There’s no way I would spend $50 on decorative starfish.  But $10?  (to be fair, my mom spotted me the moolah, which I still owe her.  Note to self!) And look how many I got. So many pretty shapes and sizes!  And while they aren’t bedazzled or covered in glitter, they’ll do.  They perfectly match my coral, which I *did* score for $30 on at Crate and Barrel. Boo.

I love cheap finds.  I love them even better when someone else has taken the time to be all crafty. 😉

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