Lay it on me….

Remember when we used our Malm dressers as bedside tables?  I wish I had known about these then:

Yes, I know the blog world is in a tizzy over O’verlays.  And I was going to write a post about these about three months ago when I discovered them. But, you know. I didn’t. Anyway.  It’s a truly brilliant idea.  For a mere $18 you can totally spruce up a basic Malm. Um, yes please!

Now, as I stare at my Malms, I feel sorry for them. They are so boring.  I mean, really. Very boring. And I hate to feel that way about any of my Ikea babies.  They are the brunette lanky-haired sisters to the bright blonde beauty in the room.  If you just changed one little thing- heads would turn.  I just know they would.  So I think these will go on the list.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


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