Every call you take, I’ll be watching you……

The despot and I are up in Maine, taking one last opportunity to visit with the parental units while they are on vacation. Some might say we are crashing their vacation, but I am sure they appreciate a nice wake-up call at 5:30am.  Can’t be sleeping in on vacation!  There’s stuff to do! Like take conference calls. Hopefully *someone* has not been scheduled for any more of those (taken from the porch, naturally):

'Scuse me, Grandpa. You're late for your 1:30. (Pssst! It's me!)"

The despot loves loves loves my parents and likes to keep a close eye on them at all times, which isn’t too hard in the cottage since it’s only three rooms. He loves to mimic my mom singing and every now and then, likes to join a conference call with my dad.  Fortunately, he can’t quite understand the confidential nature of most calls.  Don’t worry though, we had him sign an NDA just in case.


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